Salute to the Stream / Frances Hansen

Frances Hansen’s Salute to the Stream is a celebration of Oakley Creek, the stream that runs along the eastern border of the Whau local area. Frances will also be running a workshop at the EcoWest Festival’s Eco Day 12 April in Olympic Park.


Installing / Sunday March 29

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A few more images from the DIY Sculpture kits to commemorate the end of our very first show [CH2CH(OH)]n. Great to see a few creations from Hemant himself (I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist)…



Tim / Vula / Hazel:                               Viv:

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A gallery in a shoe shop + a master sock maker = a workshop! Our small but dedicated group migrated from Avondale Shoes to Salvation Kitchen for coffee and a crash course in the art of sock making. Thank you Liz for your time and knitting expertise!



Avondale Shoes Gallery Grand Opening

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Grand Opening of Avondale Shoes Gallery! The pavement was transformed into a frenzied zone of sculptural experimentation, play, conversation and chip eating. Special shout out to Jashim from the Fish Shop next door (who claimed he had no creative ability but managed to construct a fine and unique piece with his kit). There are still FREE make your own sculpture kits available! Just pop in to Avondale Shoes and ask Hemant for one – be sure to check out his fine selection of footwear while you’re there and send us a photo of your sculpture!

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[CH2CH(OH)]n (pronounced Chtoo Chohn) by Sam Morrison is a sculptural response to a recent acquisition of a malleable polyvinyl alcohol based substance. A range of locally sourced objects and detritus have fused to create a collection described by one passer by as ‘a flea circus’.

OPENS SATURDAY 28th FEBRUARY at 12.00pm – come along and receive a FREE ‘make your own sculpture’ pack!